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Black and Decker BDH2000SDL + Drill Combo

Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000SDL 20-Volt Max Lithium Ion Slide Vac+Drill Combo Kit

The 20Volts MAX Lithium-Ion Drill and Slide Vacuum is perfectly suitable for handling the drilling and fastening tasks. The combo kit consists of a sliding vacuum, a cordless drill, a Lithium-Ion battery, and a charger.

Features of the Black and Decker BDH2000SDL

The powerful 20V MAX Lithium-Ion battery is suitable to tackle large messes around the home or the workshop. The Vacuum has a strong suction power which lasts two times longer. It is compact, light-weight and very flexible to use without any hassle. It can be charged faster using the advanced technology of the charger. The charger provides an indicator light that signals when it is fully charged and needs to be disconnected. It saves around 45% of energy.

The nozzle of the black and decker bdh2000sdl slide vacuum can be used by click-off and it has an easily washable filter. The Ergonomic design of the power tool ensures that the users can interact with the tools with the most efficiency and proper safety. The vacuum has a loop-like handle which provides a comfortable grip. There are 11 position clutches of the drill which prevent the stripping and over driving of the screws. This also provides an extra level of control to the drill. The LED work light that is attached to the drill helps to drill easily in dark places by illuminating the surface of work. The drill is also compact and lightweight in nature and the design helps the users to carry out the drilling tasks at any confined places with maximum ease and flexibility.

The bdh2000sdl cordless Dustbuster is always ready to be used. Once charged, it can hold the charge for a maximum of 18 months. Both the power tools are cordless in nature and thus highly efficient and easy to use.


This tool is used for home and kitchen care in general. The vacuum quickly cleans up the house and keeps it neat and tidy. It is suitable for cleaning carpets, hard surfaces, stairs etc.

The drill can be used to make small as well as big holes according to the requirement. It can grind metal surfaces and remove rust from iron and steel and other home items. The drill can also be used to create strong and hidden joints for furniture, frame etc.


  • It is much smaller than their larger counterparts and weighs less than five pounds. This makes it easy to carry around the house and requires a small space for storage.
  • It is easy to use and involve very little complications. The cordless variety makes it easy to carry around with a strong and comfortable grip.
  • This type of vacuum is suitable for quick cleanups when you need to clean a small area of a mess.
  • The slide vacuum is more useful for cleaning around baseboards, corners of the floors, furniture, and stairs, unlike the larger ones.
  • The black and decker bdh2000sdl vacuum is usually more powerful as well as versatile which come with plenty of attachments and additional accessories.
  • It is easy to maintain without much hassle of cleaning the collected debris.
  • The Lithium-Ion battery is more powerful and provides more charge to work for a longer period of time.
  • The drill can be a good replacement of screwdrivers which saves time for drilling by providing more speed and accuracy.
  • The drill has torque control feature that allows you to adjust the amount of torque which is delivered while inserting screws on any surface. On an average, they can deliver 50 Newton-metres of torque.


  • The battery may be attached to the handle of the drill and thus it can be quite large and heavy. This may not be a convenient feature as it can tire your arms if you are working throughout the day.
  • The price is slightly on the higher side. The combo kit consisting of a vacuum and a drill costs around $250.
  • The battery may run out of charge of cleaning using the cordless vacuum and it takes a lot of time to charge for further use.

Advantages of using a Combo Kit over single packs:

  • Economy: It is less expensive to purchase several items in a combo kit than purchasing the same tools separately. This will help to save your money.
  • Versatility: Combo kit will provide more than a box of tools. It will come with a 2in1 battery, charger, and other accessories.
  • Instant Storage solutions: The tool set often comes with a storage solution which will help you to avoid disorganised and messy work space. The power tools may often include a rugged bag for easy portability and storage.
  • Shared power: The Black + Decker 20V MAX family of tools provide a shared power system- one universal battery that can be used with all the power tools in the combo kit.
  • Fail safe Gift Giving: The combo kits are an ideal choice for gifts for people who are shifting to a new home and makes sure that they have the necessary tools required without going to the hardware stores.
  • Tool Combos simplify heavy-duty projects: The economic cordless combo kit provides you with all the power tools you require for a good-sized project like building shelves or repairing fences or drywall.
  • Accessories speed lighter-duty applications: The combo kits come with a variety of accessories and complementary hand tools that makes your job done quicker without the need to buy lots of power tools for smaller projects.


The future of power lies in the vast possibility of Lithium-ion technology which is already being used in this Vacuum and Drill kit. The manufacturers are concentrating on reducing the weight, increasing torque for environmental benefits. The most important shift in the immediate future of cordless tools will be the expanding concept of power sharing. Many of the manufacturers are already offering these packages and having only one type of battery for different types of tools will have a positive impact on the work spaces in the wood shops.

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